Attention Women who've Tried It All...
...and it's SO easy!
Even when you feel like you've tried it all and you're ready to give up, this will give you the confidence you need to take your life back.
So, You've Tried It All...
Your trainer said you weren’t trying hard enough, your doctor said you needed to be fixed, your nutritionist said you had no willpower, and the sassy bitch in your head says you’re not worth it. You’ve been believing lies your entire life…
...but the lies stop Today!
Confidence Doesn’t Come From Hitting A New Low On The Scale
Skinny Isn't Something
And you’ll never feel like you have it all if you don’t take off the mask you’ve been wearing your whole life.

Here’s the truth, girl. I wore masks too. I thought the smaller I was, the better life would get. I faked my confidence hoping one day it would actually feel real.

But as I got smaller all that happened was my mask felt heavier...until the day came when I crumbled beneath it.
Confidence. It’s a state of mind, babe.
It’s a daily promise you keep to yourself to make the choices that honour WHO you are and WHAT you need to be happy.

It’s taking ownership of your past decisions. It’s trusting that YOU are worth it.
It’s The Willingness To Expand To Where You Truly Want To Be
Here's The Thing, Babe...
I Can see You Hiding!
I see you hiding behind your self doubt, your past failures, and your fears of actually succeeding.

There’s nothing more terrifying than knowing that if you finally lost the weight you’ve been trying to lose for years, you would no longer have anything to blame for why you’re unhappy in your life. 

I see you avoiding mirrors, undressing in the dark, and pulling your shirt down in an attempt to hide or shrink away.

I see the tear stains on your cheeks that you wiped away angrily, judging your life against the masks that other’s wear in their own pursuit of happiness and belonging. 

And I see the lies you tell yourself when no one is watching… “it’s useless, why bother, I’m just the fat girl with no willpower, and I don’t deserve to be skinny.”
I’m also here to tell you that You're Right
Skinny isn’t what you need and skinny isn’t what you deserve.
You deserve so much fucking more than that!
Weight loss is not your problem, babe
Weight Loss Is Just
A Mask You Wear
And it's just another lie you tell yourself.

You will not find your confidence by shrinking away.
In fact, confidence isn’t something you find at all.
You’ve been mislead. Everyone and everything that you have tried before this moment has failed you.

But the truth is that you never really needed anyone else, you were always just too scared to say it out loud. 

You were too scared to pull back the curtain on your fucking life and face what it is that’s really been holding you back.
There's More To Life Than Feeling This Way
This Is Why
The Confidence Catalyst was Born
From all of the gym sessions you left feeling defeated. 

From all of the meal plans that ended up in your garbage. 

And from all of the bullshit weight loss pills you took that just confirmed that there must be something wrong with you.

...That you’re the only one who cannot do this and that you are ALONE.
I Told You Already, The Lies Stop Today
Your past is there for one purpose Only. It's There to Push You Forward Into Your Future.
You aren’t meant to run from it, you’re meant to grow from it.
learn about what and how to eat to feel great in your body...
It's Actually Way Easier
Than you've been led to believe
...but that's just one small part of it.

We’re going to fix your broken relationship with yourself, so you can finally experience what it means to live life on YOUR terms.
We’re going to silence that bitch in your head and free you from the chains of self doubt you have been carrying around for years.

And we’re going to empower you to make room in your life for what actually makes you happy.
 Are you ready, Girl?
You Need To
Hear The Following Statements
You have been allowing other people to tell you how to live your life.

You have been looking for your knight in shining armour.

You have been asking for permission to be happy.

And you’ve been looking for someone to save you.

But here’s the TRUTH…

Nothing was ever wrong with you!

Be your own knight. Give yourself permission and save your fucking self.
What Is The Confdence Catalyst Anyway?
IF You haven’t already signed up you’re probably waiting for me to tell you...
And I’m here to tell you that this isn’t like any other program you’ve seen or done before.
The Confidence Catalyst is Actually Not a Program
It's a Doctrine Created
For Women a woman who really fucking gets it!

The roadmap you need isn’t the one you’ve been following. If you want a different outcome you are going to need to do something different to get it.
This course was created to help you move from tried it all to HAVE IT ALL in 60 days.

I told you already that skinny isn’t the answer. That there’s so much more that goes into creating what you’re searching for. And I’m also here to tell you now that just buying this course does not in any way guarantee you results.

You need to be ready to commit to yourself in a way you haven’t ever done before. You need to be ready to put in the work. You’ve spent the last however many years of your life investing your MONEY to try to create happiness in your life.
Now It's Time to Invest Yourself Into the Process...
That's Right Babe
I Mean All Of You
If you buy this course that means that you’re ready. You’ve had enough. You’re done wasting your money and you’re finally in a place where you’re willing to face the REAL reasons why you haven’t ever been able to get there or stay there.

You’re ready to lean into your fears. You’re ready to stop running from the giant pit in your stomach you get every time you see your reflection in the mirror. 

You’re ready to leave behind the judgement and the shame and the sadness for good.
You're ready to feel happy again... and girl you deserve to.
Over the next 60 days you’re going to go on a journey with me through a step by step process that will literally feel like I am grabbing you...taking you by the hand and walking every step WITH you through our time together.
Just a few of Our Babes Who've Taken Control...
MEET Lorna
“Since working with Laura, I now have a healthier relationship with food. I also have more energy and more time to spend with my friends and family!”
“I started with Laura to try and get into shape—to do whatever I want; whenever I want to do it. I’m super proud to say I can do exactly that and even more!”
“Laura works towards helping me gain balance in life in all aspects. It’s been nothing but amazing; I can’t picture my life without her!”
Stacks on Stacks...
The Road Map Created To Help You Move
From "tried it all" to "Have It All" in 60 Days
Here's EXACTLY What You'll Receive...
A step-by-step road map created for women who are done wasting their money and finally ready for real change and real results. Over the next 60 days I will be taking you by the hand and guiding you along the journey to the results you truly deserve.
Over Thirty
With these tools you will be able to navigate each lesson easily and understand how the lessons and strategies apply to your unique goals and lifestyle. You will be able to develop the skills necessary to work through your barriers for good and understand exactly what you need to do every week to be successful.
Lifetime Access
You will get lifetime access to a private and exclusive accountability group which will help you with your ability to lose weight by increasing your confidence because you will be able to access hundreds of other women, just like you, who have been where you currently are and have experienced the success you want to see. You will not be alone on this journey, you will become apart of our tribe and get the support you deserve.
Lifetime Access
You will also get lifetime access to weekly group Q&A calls live with me where I will be there to fully support and guide you through this journey and ensure you feel confident to stay on track. You'll be able to interact directly with me and ask me all your questions and get the answers you need to navigate through any challenge that pops up.
And, on this page only, you're going to get some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else!
Bonus #1: Cooking Confidently Cookbook
As an exclusive bonus you will receive my Cooking Confidently cookbook filled with high protein snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners that will work for any body! They are high in protein, delicious and the calories are listed for every recipe!
Bonus #2: Training Confidently Exercise Program
You will also receive a complete 8-Week training program that was designed with confidence in mind. Feel confident at home or in the gym with your Training Confidently program!
If The Confidence Catalyst doesn't show you how to feel great in your skin again... If you implement everything I show you and you don't see a change in your body, then I will personally refund all of your money. No questions asked.
the Catalyst You Need
In the next 60 days you will have the confidence you have always been chasing!
the Catalyst You Need
Real World Results
But i know you need more than that
Engage With Women Who
Choose to Have It All
I have also created a private community exclusive to members of The Confidence Catalyst. As you move through the Stacks I will regularly prompt you to post in the group (no energy vampires allowed!).

The course provides you everything you will ever need to know to get where you want to be in your own life...but the COMMUNITY is where true magic happens.
This is where you will feel connected to something bigger than just yourself.
This is where you will learn from the struggles and be inspired by the wins of others just like you.

It’s my commitment to be there for you. To believe in you when no one else would. And lead you into the happiness you never knew existed.
Girl, You know You Want It All
You've tried it all, babe. Now it's your turn to Have it all.
The Have It All
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